What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is a pointer to the essential nature of reality.

The fundamental truth at which Nonduality points, is that, there is only one reality. The word itself literally means – “not two”.

Realisation of this truth has profound implications for happiness and well-being. To discover that reality is not two, is to discover that the essential nature of the self is peace, joy and compassion.

At the most fundamental level, the multiplicity of sentient beings is an illusion – albeit an oft potent, irksome and persistent one. You and I, are in fact, as continuous with respect to each other, as two waves upon the surface of an ocean.

Moreover, fear and pain are as illusory in substance as grasping and pleasure. So too, good and bad, existence and non-existence – these are all essentially unreal.

Perversely, the truth of Nonduality is always immediately visible to our first-hand subjective experience; though when pointed out, we usually either fail to see it at all, or neglect to see the significance. Some precise contemplation is usually required.

Post-realisation, there usually remains significant work to align the psyche of the apparent ‘individual’ to reflect this profound truth.

For these reasons, there has been a wealth of written and spoken material produced on this seemingly elusive subject. As with any human endeavour, the quality varies significantly!

Nonduality is the most essential essence or guiding principle behind the message of the historical mystics, prophets and sages.