About Josh

Joshua is an everyday household mystic and ‘armchair philosopher’.

He writes, speaks and converses about Nonduality, and other interests, in his spare time.


After a decade of often severe anguish, seeking and frequent misdirection, the profound and immediate experiential truth of Nonduality became apparent:

The natural state of being is peace and compassion.

A lover of the word as much as of the truth, Joshua frequently finds himself attempting to find better ways to point out this seemingly elusive gem that is ‘hidden’ in plain sight.

As always, the clarity of realisation, the depth of experience and the everyday embodiment continues to deepen.

Joshua currently resides in sunny Toowoomba, Australia, on the hilly edge of the Great Dividing Range.

If you are so inclined, you may find out more about Josh’s story by reading his autobiography:
A Magnificent Fraud: thirty-five years dreaming. (printed and PDF versions are available)