What if I still have questions? You are in good company.

For various reasons, the amount of written content on this website will be kept to a minimum. It is potentially far easier and arguably more productive to have a two-way dialogue with a tutor or teacher, than it is to rely upon reading or audiovisual media on your own. Although in some sense, Nonduality is the most obvious ‘thing’ in reality, for precisely the same reason, it can also be the most reluctant, frustrating and perverse of all understandings to arise.


If you have further questions, or would like to seek clarification or advice, please feel free to write to Josh! He is most happy to engage on the topic. Failing that, he may be able to suggest a YouTube resource, further reading, or a teacher who is in your local area.

Be sure to check out the Bookshelf, for suggested reading and audiovisual material that may also assist you to resolve your questions.

Nonduality in Toowoomba

For people interested in discussing Nonduality in Toowoomba, South East Queensland, Australia, we may be able to meet-up in person for a chat over a nice hot cuppa!

Start a conversation, or ask a question.

It may surprise you to know, if you are interested in Nonduality and you live in Toowoomba, you are not on your own. I am presently in the process of making contact with other ‘truth lovers’, so this section will hopefully expand.

Other Toowoomba ‘bloggers’: