Common Misconceptions

There are a variety of common misconceptions about Nonduality. Here are just a few pointers.

Myth: Nonduality is just a philosophy or worldview.

Though the discourse of Nonduality is a system of thought; the truth at which it points is not.

For instance, in everyday human affairs, whilst one may conjecture about the meaning, behaviour and existence of gravity, the truth of gravity is nevertheless unavoidable. Similarly, whilst Nonduality can be discussed as one of many ways of speaking about reality, the truth at which Nonduality points remains apparent regardless of any conjecture to the contrary, or with regard to its significance to everyday affairs. In fact, the truth of Nonduality is more immediate than the truth of your own existence.

Myth: There is nothing/something you can do to realise the truth of Nonduality.

Though there is nothing ‘you’ can do as a person (because persons have no reality of their own), there is definitely much you can do as reality!

Moreover, there is usually plenty you must do to cultivate an individual embodiment of truth that does not routinely limit your freedom of creative expression and exploration. In the same vein, there is usually plenty you must do to cultivate a person that is not a complete jerk!

Myth: Realisation/stabilisation will take X amount of time.

Though the truth of Nonduality is often frustratingly difficult to understand. One is unlikely to learn to drive proficiently from reading a book or listening to a lecture; in this way, Nonduality is no different. Further, each ‘individual’ has their own unique path and journey.

That said, there is a lot of misinformation about Nonduality. If you are sincerely interested, take your time and ideally, find resources that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to try something different if the resonance you once felt for a specific teaching slowly ebbs away.

Remember, that the essential truth about which the resources all point is already present right now. In the first instance, it simply needs to be recognised.

Further more, the individual embodiment of truth is unique to each individual. Your experience of Nonduality will not be identical to mine, and it may change profoundly over time.

Myth: Realisation/stabilisation will take great discipline.

This is both more and less correct.

In the matter of realisation, it is probably preferable to emphasise a certain precision, more than discipline. To be very practised into a routine wherein your engagement becomes dull and repetitious, is likely to be of no value.

Moreover, on the matter of both realisation and stabilisation, I find enthusiasm the more appropriate adjective. Though in some sense, it is entirely your choice.

In the matter of stabilisation, some discipline may appear to be ‘advantageous’.